Intelligence Jobs

Intelligence Jobs is a leading jobsite which advertises current vacancies for the UK intelligence market and promotes our staffing service business – Police Skills. Intelligence Jobs ensures your current vacancies have maximum exposure to an already established candidate database of jobseekers, as well as reaching out to a wider on-line audience of Intelligence professionals.

What makes us different? We offer the largest database of active specialist job seekers in the UK, in excess of 80,000, and a broader audience of over 130,000 more passive job seekers who visit our market leading job sites each month.  

Intelligence Professionals

Intelligence professionals who are actively seeking employment, or who wish to remain up to date with the current market place for a future move, are able to register to receive job alerts and updates.

Police Skills

Police Skills is a market leading business dedicated to supplying experienced practitioners on a temporary, contractual and permanent basis to police, criminal justice, public and, commercial sector employers.

We continually attract, vet and, make available professionals which has resulted in a database which holds more than 15,000 candidates with an intelligence background. Over 300 candidates register on average each month.

Red Snapper Group

The Red Snapper Group is a specialist staffing services provider to the business resilience and public protection work communities.
We are unique in comprising six divisions. Each is a market leader in its own right, and is dedicated to matching the best people with a wealth of organisations around the UK.
We've driven to the front of each community by understanding how best to look after our clients and jobseekers.

Our divisions are:

  • Enforcement Skills - Regulatory framework compliance, enforcement and policy management recruitment specialist.
  • Criminal Justice Skills - Probation, prison, youth offending and third sector rehabilitation recruitment specialist.
  • Counter Fraud and Risk Skills - Fraud prevention & detection, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention recruitment specialist.  Risk analysis, assessment and strategic risk planning recruitment specialist.
  • Police Skills - Criminal investigation, intelligence, crime analysis, detention and other specialist policing skill sets.
  • Community Safety Skills - Crime prevention recruitment specialist for housing associations, local authorities and the broader community safety partnership network
  • Forensic Skills - Physical and digital forensic practitioner recruitment specialists
  • Security Skills - Physical and IT security recruitment specialist