Does this sound familiar?

You hire an Intelligence Analyst for a business critical role on a temporary basis and assign them a project which will take some time to complete. Half-way through, they hand their notice in and leave a day or two later. You are left with an unfinished job that will be even harder for someone else to pick up.

How about this? You have several temporary workers in your department, who are all doing a great job. Unfortunately, you need to be tracking the amount of time that each of them has been working for you – taking into account part weeks and legitimate breaks – as they have the right to parity rates as soon as they have accrued 12 weeks of employment.

Finding it difficult to find the right candidate? Maybe you require a specialised set of skills which you are finding difficult to resource for? Tired of the time consuming task of sifting through CV’s and arranging interviews?


Intelligence Jobs has a solution that resolves all of these problems for you. Our staff are still “contractors” working under your supervision, but they are employed in a different way. This means you don't need to track their hours or pay parity rates. What's more, they are required to give you a full one-month notice period if they want to leave, so you have the time to arrange a managed handover of their work – just as you would when a permanent member of staff chooses to move on. However, you only have to give them a single day's notice, so you have all the flexibility you need to manage your department effectively.

  • Police Skills provides access to an extensive UK-wide database of qualified and experienced professionals. They work within Intelligence, Investigations, policing and security.
  • Market leaders – huge national data base of skilled professionals at our disposal, can fill specialised roles with very little notice, whether this be permanent or temporary – we can meet your needs.
  • Employed in a different way – we employ contractors directly - this means you don't need to track their hours or pay parity rates as you would when employing temp staff in the traditional sense.
  • We can provide a high calibre of staff who are committed to providing 4 weeks’ notice, although you only need to give them 1 day to terminate contract.
  • All our candidates are vetted to the highest standards and offer the specific type of specialist expertise that can make an immediate impact to your team and help you deliver your targets. Needless to say, our candidates are also highly trained professionals who have the skills, knowledge and experience required for successful outcomes in the Intelligence field. 
  • We can manage the whole recruitment process, submit the right candidates for the role, arrange the interviews, and provide feedback.

What is the legal situation for ‘pay between assignments’ contacts?

The Agency Workers Regulations state that contract staff should have the same pay and working conditions as permanent employees as soon as they have completed a 12-week period in a particular job. This can include holiday pay, shift allowances, overtime rates and allowances for unsociable hours and bonuses that are directly linked to the work they carry out.

However, there is an exception in the regulations for 'pay between assignments' contracts, as long as these contracts meet certain conditions. In particular, the temporary worker must receive a specified minimum level of pay when they are not working and their employer has no suitable work to offer them. (In the case of Intelligence jobs, this is typically 50% of the salary paid to them over a 12-week reference period.) They must also receive four weeks' notice for termination of contract.

A 'pay between assignments' contract must be signed before the temporary worker starts their first assignment. It will set out the key details of the jobs they will be doing, including pay, location, hours worked and the nature of the role. The contract will also provide details of any requirements relating to qualifications or experience.

The worker then makes a 'statement of impact' that confirms they have no entitlements under regulation 5 of the Agency Worker Regulations. In other words, they waive their right to be paid the same as permanent employees.

How does this work?

We hire our temporary workers as permanent employees of Red Snapper. This means their notice periods and terms of employment are defined as part of their contracts of service with us – and we guarantee that none of the costs of these contracts are passed on to you.

Our workers are then supplied to you on legally compliant terms that are known as 'pay between assignments' (or Swedish derogation). This refers to the fact that we pay them for up to four weeks at a specified minimum level of pay when they are not working and we have to pay redundancy if we wish to end their employment with us.

Who are intelligence jobs?

We are the Intelligence staffing services division of the Red Snapper Group. Our team of consultants has an in-depth knowledge of this highly specialised job market and are trained to identify the skills and qualifications required for each role. This means we can ensure that our candidates are vetted to the highest standards, so we can be confident they will make an immediate impact when they join your team.

We are the market leaders in supplying skilled professionals into the police sector. Our consultants will work with you to recognise the needs of your business and with the use of our UK-wide database can provide experienced individuals with the necessary skills required. We also offer a range of other staffing services, such as recruitment advertising, review and consultancy, and training.

We offer the complete range of recruitment options: Permanent, temporary & freelance recruitment services. Recruitment advertising, recruitment process outsource and process outsource services